Autumn Lavender

What is Alexite ? 
Alexite is a simulated version of the gemstone Alexandrite. Both, Alexandrite and Alexite are similar in color changing traits. Alexite acquires colors that are spread across spectrum when viewed under different lights. Alexite is a created gemstone akin to a type of hi-tech glass with rare earth minerals added to it to bestow the color changing traits.

Autumn Alexite is Tourmaline Orange in natural light and Tourmaline Green in fluorescent light.

Lavender Alexite changes from an eye catching Amethyst under natural light to a brilliant Tanzanite blue color when viewed under a fluorescent light.

How to care for your Alexite ?
Color is spread throughout Alexite and is consistently brilliant from edge to edge. Alexite with its good hardness is a durable gemstone. Whereas chipping will render a surface treated stone unusable, Alexite faces no such problems.